What is Mushroom Coffee?

Mushroom coffee is something that has been gaining momentum recently, after Tim Ferriss and his mentions of Four Sigmatic have started making headlines last year. Four Sigmatic is a Finnish company that has a special mushroom coffee that it touts has great medicinal benefits. Now, if you're like me, you're probably wondering what exactly is mushroom … Continue reading What is Mushroom Coffee?

Top 10 Coffee Latte Art Pieces of All Time

Latte art is relatively new, at least in being a popular or well-known thing, that is coming into its own.  And, what started out as random swirls or hearts has really become an awesome and artistic endeavor for many. We here at Match Made Coffee have compiled our top 10 list for the best pieces of latte art ((Continued))

5 amazing coffee tables for your home or office

Today, interior design has found another inspiration and that is to combine two or more styles in order to create the most impressive pieces of furniture out there. The main focal point of every living room or even your own home office should be a coffee table, especially if you are a coffee lover like myself ((continued))

Why and How To Make A Coffee Blend

There are many reasons that coffee roasters might make a coffee blend.  By making your own coffee blend, you are making a unique flavor that nobody else can duplicate.  It's like having your own secret coffee farm whose ingredients only you know ((Continued))

US Presidents #31-40 and their bewildering coffee associations (Part 4 of 5)

Coffee is a pretty popular drink, and presidents are pretty popular people.  Wouldn't you like to know what these two popular things have in common and are kind of weird about? Sure you do. ((continued))

Hidden Figures: Women in The Coffee Supply Chain

Quick, without thinking about it, picture an agricultural farmer from another country. Have one in mind? Was the person you had in mind a male? Chances are that you, like myself, came to that conclusion without even thinking twice about it.

What Is Peaberry Coffee?

I still remember the first time I saw a Tanzanian peaberry coffee.  I was searching for a brand new type of coffee and wanted something exotic. When I saw it I thought "Tanzania?  That sounds awesomely different." Then I thought, "Peaberry, what the heck is that?" ((continued))

The 3 Best Homemade Cold Coffee Drinks You Can Make Right Now

Sometimes when it is a hot day out and you need a quick caffeine rush, you wish there were a better way than to just do your standard hot brew method. Today, you have found that way. We have a couple quick hacks and unique options for you to both get the pick-me-up you need, while avoiding the heat of your regular cup o' joe.