Current Coffee Pairing

January, the start of another year of fantastic coffee pairings! We decided to set the bar pretty high right off the bat with our January featured roaster, Toca Coffee. They are a small batch roaster based in New Jersey, that has created a big name for themselves with their daring coffee roasts. Can’t wait for you to explore these coffee pairing with us!


Pairing 1: World’s Collide Blend + Coconut Sandwich Biscuits

The World’s Collide Blend, referencing the pairing of Sumatra and Kenya coffee beans, is a smooth bodied blend that has an earthy and juicy brightness that creates a smashing snacking mashup with a (few) coconut sandwich biscuits.

The combination of the bold Sumatran and Kenyan coffee roasts means that you should buckle up for a flavor joyride! The punchy and bright flavor of the roast reveals another layer of depth when you introduce your taste buds to some of the coconut sandwich biscuits. This is a great coffee pairing to really test (and treat!) your palate.

Pairing 2: Yirgacheffe + Lemon Cream Filled Wafers

The Yirgacheffe roast is an Ethiopian light medium roast. The flavor profile includes a delicate lemon fragrance that creates the perfect pairing with a light Viennese lemon cream wafer.

I really enjoyed this light roast as an afternoon pick-me-up! With fresh lemon and subtle floral undertones, this made for a perfectly light indulgence when I paired it alongside the sweet and crispy lemon creme wafers. This is the perfect chance to bring out your beautiful coffee/tea ware, just to set the tone even more!

Pairing 3: Tarrazu + Orange Chocolate Truffle

The Tarrazu roast is a delicious medium roast straight from Costa Rica. Immediately upon brewing you will be able to smell the floral and chocolate notes, and when tasted with a orange chocolate truffle, the citrus notes come alive as well.

Seriously though, this roast will make your home/office/room smell like heaven has arrived on Earth when brewing! The medium roast has such a complexity of flavors that when savored properly they will reward you with an array of fresh flavor notes. I really enjoyed the pairing of the orange chocolate truffle and how it made the citrus flavor within the roast pop!

Happy Coffee Pairing!


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