US Presidents #31-40 and their bewildering coffee associations (Part 4 of 5)

Coffee is a pretty popular drink, and presidents are pretty popular people. Β Wouldn't you like to know what these two popular things have in common and are kind of weird about? Sure you do. ((continued))

Hidden Figures: Women in The Coffee Supply Chain

Quick, without thinking about it, picture an agricultural farmer from another country. Have one in mind? Was the person you had in mind a male? Chances are that you, like myself, came to that conclusion without even thinking twice about it.

What Is Peaberry Coffee?

I still remember the first time I saw a Tanzanian peaberry coffee. Β I was searching for a brand new type of coffee and wanted something exotic. When I saw it I thought "Tanzania? Β That sounds awesomely different." Then I thought, "Peaberry, what the heck is that?" ((continued))

The 3 Best Homemade Cold Coffee Drinks You Can Make Right Now

Sometimes when it is a hot day out and you need a quick caffeine rush, you wish there were a better way than to just do your standard hot brew method. Today, you have found that way. We have a couple quick hacks and unique options for you to both get the pick-me-up you need, while avoiding the heat of your regular cup o' joe.