What Is Peaberry Coffee?

I still remember the first time I saw a Tanzanian peaberry coffee.  I was searching for a brand new type of coffee and wanted something exotic. When I saw it I thought "Tanzania?  That sounds awesomely different." Then I thought, "Peaberry, what the heck is that?" ((continued))

The 3 Best Homemade Cold Coffee Drinks You Can Make Right Now

Sometimes when it is a hot day out and you need a quick caffeine rush, you wish there were a better way than to just do your standard hot brew method. Today, you have found that way. We have a couple quick hacks and unique options for you to both get the pick-me-up you need, while avoiding the heat of your regular cup o' joe.

Can caffeine boost my workouts?

It is no secret these days that coffee can be a part of a healthy diet.  We have written about it numerous times. But, there is a difference between general health benefits and actually supplementing with caffeine to help get your body in shape. Athletes and fitness buffs are starting to take caffeine, in one … Continue reading Can caffeine boost my workouts?

Brewing Strong Coffee

How To Brew Strong Coffee First you need to ask yourself what "strong coffee" even means. A tired person asking for strong coffee is probably looking for extra caffeination. Other people asking for strong coffee could be referring to the bitter taste, the dark color, or the type of roast ((Continued))

5 Korean Snacks To Have With Your Coffees

Korea definitely has a unique culture and diverse array of food choices.  I personally lived there for over a year, and think that it is great to see their entertainment and food also now making its way to the US. Some Korean foods Americans would definitely think are strange (some of them are weird even to local Koreans) ((continued))

Black Coffee Drinkers Are More Likely To Be Sadists and Psychopaths

An interesting study posted in the international research journal Appetite, and posted on the site ScienceDirect.com, has been finding interesting correlations between preferred flavors and personality traits ((continued))

When You Drink Coffee, This Is The Chain Reaction That Starts In Your Body

Perhaps you've read about all of the health benefits of coffee, largely due to the great things coffee is made of.  But, what exactly is going on in the body?  And, are there any negative things to watch out for? Well, here's a rough timeline of what happens ((continued))

Want Energy But It’s Too Late For Caffeine? Eat Food With These 4 Ingredients.

We've all been there.  Perhaps working a longer shift, or just want an extra kick to make it through dinner and off to sleep.  But caffeine?  Many of us, myself included, are particularly sensitive to caffeine.  A cup of coffee is going to keep me awake likely another 3 hours or so. So what are the alternatives? 1) Eat magnesium rich foods ((continued))

Do Not Order Coffee On Your Flight. Here is Why:

Many of us who worked in fast food in our younger days often cannot come back to eat at that same place.  We just know too much about what goes on back there. It is easier for us to be ignorant to all of the other restaurants that we frequent however.  We just want to go out, enjoy our time, and not think about the potentially gross stuff going on and how we can avoid it. Until recently, the food and drinks served on a plane were the same for me ((continued))