The Main Guatemala Coffees: the Antigua, Coban, San Marcos, and Huehuetenango Regional Varities

Guatemala has 4 main coffee growing regions (and 8 total), and the coffee beans are typically named after their particular region: Antigua, Coban, San Marcos, and Huehuetenango. Some Guatemala coffees are similar to Kona coffee beans in that they grow in volcano-rich soil that can have very rugged terrain ((continued))

Current Coffee Pairing

This month's pairing is from the a small-batch coffee roaster at the base of Mt. Whitney. Their coffee beans are purchased on micro lots across the globe, making each roastΒ a unique experience that you can't buy at any big box store. Sit back and enjoy sipping these delicious coffees from Mt. Whitney Coffee Roasters alongΒ with … Continue reading Current Coffee Pairing

All About Kona Coffees

What is a Kona coffee? Kona coffees are the only coffees grown in the United States. More specifically, they are grown in Hawaii. Hawaii is only state anywhere near the "coffee belt" not too far from the equator. Kona coffees are all grown on the Mauna Loa volcano. Although this volcano reaches 13,697 feet above sea level and takes up more than 50% of the main island, the coffee plants only ((continued))

What Is The Difference Between Arabica and Robusta Coffee Beans?

It is an interesting marketing ploy that many companies seem to be utilizing these days, blatantly stating that their beans are arabica. Have you ever wondered what this meant? Well, of all the different coffees you drink, they are all derived from essentially two types of beans: arabica and robusta. Each bean comes with its own inherent pros and cons ((continued))

What Too Much Sugar Does To You

If ever there was a reason for switching to black coffee over the sugary alternatives, this article may provide it. First, you need to understand how much is too much, and how much you are actually having. xylitol-birch There are 12.5 grams of sugar in a tablespoon of pure sugar. Now, when you look at the back of products at their food labels, you have a bit of a reference point. WebMD says that women should be having the equivalent of 6 tablespoons of sugar per day, and men should be having 9. However, the actual American is consuming over 20. This is easy to understand how easy it is to have too much when a venti unicorn frappuccino from Starbucks has almost exactly 6 tablespoons of sugar all by itself. Heck, a single cup of milk has one tablespoon just by itself, and that's a relatively healthy food item ((continued))

Starbucks Announces Largest Roastery Concept Building Yet

In 2019, on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Erie Street in Chicago, Starbucks plans to open up its largest roastery concept location yet. This 4 story location will not be a typical store location. Customers will get to watch coffee beans being brewed and packaged, and will also get access to special small reserve batches. The location is set to offer tours, multiple brewing methods, and specialty drinks and artisanal snacks ((continued))

It’s About To Get More Difficult To Get Coffee– Here is why

Coffee is big business in the United States. There are 150 million coffee drinkers drinking an average of 3.2 cups per day, according to recent statistics. This is nearly a half billion cups, just in the US. This may seem like a lot, but when you consider that the US isn't even in the top 20 coffee drinking countries, it makes you wonder. For how much coffee is being consumed, you would think that coffee must be grown all over. This is true to an extent. However, Brazil alone is responsible for over 25% of all coffee grown across the world. Where it gets crazy is when you consider we reported in a previous article that the single biggest influence on coffee prices is the weather in Brazil ((continued))

How Is Fair Trade Coffee Determined?

We've all seen the "fair trade coffee" certification on coffees, and even have a rough idea of what they are. But, other than roughly knowing it is better for the coffee farmers, what do we really know? What does it take to get that certification? To fully understand the fair trade certification, you need ((continued))

Protein and Amino Acids In Coffee — The Inner Components of Coffee And What Each of Them Does

When asked, most people recognize that coffee has lots of health benefits. If you didn't know that, well, now is your time to celebrate. Some people wonder whether this is because coffee has protein in it (especially since we did a blog about a caffeinated protein shake recipe). It may surprise people, but ((continued))

How To Better Smell Your Foods and Drinks

Most people know that taste and smell are closely aligned. And, many people talk about how to properly taste food (us included here), and vaguely give tips about smelling. Those tips for smelling your food before eating it generally just revolve around actually doing it and being conscious of it. But how can you enhance that experience even further? Well, there are a few ways: ((continued))