Give A Better Gift This Father’s Day

Dads, granddads, uncles, nephews, cousins, the spouse's family and more. ย They all might be on your gift giving list this Father's Day. What are you planning on getting them? Father's Day has been going strong for more than 100 years, and yet we still get these poor guys the same thing year after year. What is it this year? ย Tie or coffee mug? ((continued))

Cold Brewed Coffee Is Probably Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

Many people thought, and continue to think, that cold brewed coffee is simply a fad. ย They may think that it is riding the coattails of iced coffee, which is riding the coattails of virtually every over-sugared milkshakey coffee out there. But, coffee sales would beg to differ. See, traditionally coffee sales would plummet ((continued))

A Look Inside The Lives of Coffee Farmers In Uganda

NPR recently posted an original piece (see their full story here) that was essentially a photo diary of Ugandan farmers. The Ugandan farmers were given cameras, despite never having used them before, and then NPR came back later to see what photos they would have taken. ย This gave quite the inside look that they likely would not have received if ((continued))

How Many People Drink Coffee In The United States? How Does That Compare To The World?

Well, that's an interesting question, and not just because we'd like to offer our subscription service to all of them. The coffee industry is reportedly a $30 billion per year industry in the US alone. It gets tricky crunching the numbers, as they seem to vary, with USA Today claiming as many as 83% of US adults drink coffee; while Harvard reports that the National Coffee Association claims this number to be 54%. As of 2017, the US adult population sits at ((continued))

How Coffee Roasting Affects Bean Weight

Some of our subscription customers have rightly noticed that some pouches of coffee are slightly bigger than others. When buying coffee beans, you purchase them based upon weight. The interesting thing is though, that the weight of a bean actually varies based on what type of roast it is ((continued))

How Long Does Caffeine Stay In Your System?

If you have been following us on Facebook, you have heard us talk a lot about the health benefits of caffeine and coffee. And, although there is lots of upside to coffee and caffeine, you probably do not want it in your system all the time. Interestingly enough, how long caffeine is in your body and the kind of effect it has on your comes back to genetics. Awhile back I personally signed up for genetic testing ((continued))

How Do Coffee Plants Grow?

We've been talking a lot about the differences in coffee and coffee growing regions lately (see our recent articles on Kona coffees and Guatemalan coffees), but what about growing the coffee itself? It's one thing to know about the area and the conditions, but what if you wanted to grow a coffee plant yourself? Well, you can follow instructions to grow coffee plants in your home. But, instead, we are going to focus on how the current coffee farmers grow their own harvests ((continued))

The Story Behind Coffee’s Discovery In Ethiopia

As oftentimes happens, stories from hundreds or thousands of years ago get mixed up when told today. The story of coffee is no different. When the origin story cannot even get the discoverer's name correct (was it Kaldi or Khalid?), and cites the year this happened as sometime "around 750 AD," then that is a sure sign that this story has seen some changes occur over time. Most herders are very in tune with their animals, and as the story goes ((continued))

The Main Guatemala Coffees: the Antigua, Coban, San Marcos, and Huehuetenango Regional Varities

Guatemala has 4 main coffee growing regions (and 8 total), and the coffee beans are typically named after their particular region: Antigua, Coban, San Marcos, and Huehuetenango. Some Guatemala coffees are similar to Kona coffee beans in that they grow in volcano-rich soil that can have very rugged terrain ((continued))